In the twilight of career


Destiny decides to drown him in difficulties,

Eyes get showered by tears,

Sweat from his skin become the the symbol of hard work,

His legs love to run as much as they can,

Ears care a lot for others precious words,

Smile is the only noise his lips can make,

His frustration gets lost through the words on paper,

His vision might become blind,

His values went in to void..

but not any more..

now on wards at least !!



2 G



She has not changed her style.

From the way she walks to the way she talks.

“She is still the same

with unlimited smiles

with unknown silence

with heartbreaking eyes

with neat dressing style.”

Though it has been ten years since we passed out from school, i am afraid whether she would remember me or not. After all, she was my first love.

My name is Gautham and this is my untold story………

Among the voices of people and noises of buses, I heard a laugh of a woman. It was Friday evening at MG bus station in Hyderabad. A moment of school days flashed in my memory. It was her, Gayathri, whom I admired the most in our class. A well behaved and a brainy girl she was…

My eyes confirmed her presence and started staring like a sunflower towards the sun. I wanted to go and talk to her, but the bus which I had to get in gave the last warning horn. “Sometimes right things happen at the wrong time.”

I got into the bus and checking my seat to settle down. It is very common to find a familiar person in crowds and act as if we didn’t see them. I was searching for her through the window, but she was nowhere. I thought she might had taken another bus.

                                     “Ëxcuse me!” a gentle voice struck my ears. Though it was the rarest of the rare situations which was difficult to digest, but it was true that she was the one who widened my eyes at that moment. She asked me to take my bag from the seat which she had to sit in. Then, I came to know that right thing in wrong times happen for a reason 🙂 .

                           I swallowed the fact that she sat beside me. A Thousand thoughts were running in my mind when I sensed the fragrance of her presence. I tried to break the ice and start a conversation but she was listening to some music. Few miles were passed and wind had started filling the gap between us. Surprisingly, it was drizzling…  🙂

“Can you close that window a little bit !?”she asked.

“Sure,” I said.

“Thanks,” she said and smiled.

Her smile demanded my words to be spoken out.

“It is so difficult to talk to a stranger,but still familiar by face. Isn’t it ?” I said in low voice.

“Pardon!”she exclaimed.

“Sorry for the sudden start. Do you mind if I talk to you for a while.” I said in a soft tone.

“Hmm, it’s okay,” she whispered.

|| There is no way for a woman to escape from a conversation with a well-looking young man. It is not about the fear but breaking the ice first. Now it’s my time. ||

“Ïf I am not mistaken, I have seen you before,” I said.

“Yeah, even I felt the same. but where?” she said.

“Might be the same town where you live !” I gave her clue.

“Hmm, but no chance. I’m rarely seen outside.” she raised her eyebrows.

I was unable to digest the fact that she forgot me, and I wanted, to tell the truth, to skip the drama.

“Wait, are you the guy from Ganga high school of  2006 batch?” she asked with a surprising look.

                                            || Oh! god, she made my job very easy ||

“Yes, you are right. but which guy? any guess??” I asked her with a raised in my heart beat.

“Hmm, I have a poor memory but I don’t forget my competitors. So, you are….!!” she stopped in the middle of her sentence.

“Yes, I am……” I exclaimed.

“Aah! I don’t remember your name.” she smiled.

“It’s okay Gayatri. You don’t need to remember my name.” I replied in sarcasm.

“Hey! you remember my name.”she got surprised.

“I wish you knew mine!” I was disappointed.

||It’s so unfair for a woman to forget her childhood memories unless they do it intentionally ||

“So you recognized me and acted as if you didn’t,” I asked her.
“Hmm, just the same way you did to me.” She smiled.
After few seconds of silence, we started talking to each other like same old school kids.
“I am working as the technical trainee in Wipro, and you ?” she questioned.
“I am a research scholar in IIT, working for my own project,” I said.
“Hmmm, sounds great.!! But I thought you might be settled in some MNC company,” she said and smiled.
“I could have been, but I just do not want to be monotonous.”
“You have a great patience to do Ph.D. I have no such thing, I am fed up with the subject books, Nowadays I am completely into novels and music,” she told.

“Ha ha ha, I am happy to be known as persistent learner like you said.
What else …. Got married? Or in any relation??” I asked her.

Me.. not yet married..but maybe in one year.
Relations.. I am quite not interested. And you ??

You want me to tell the truth.



“Why did you say like that?
you are hiding something.. please tell ya,” she questioned and requested me at the same time.

“hmmm. Nothing.. just I remembered our school days when you asked that question!!” I told her.

“Oh!, then you would have fallen for some girl in our school right!!!” she said and started spying into my eyes.

“Yes, you are right !! frankly speaking she is still one and the only crush of my childhood.”

“Oh! that sounds interesting.. can I know who it is?”

I could feel my heart beat running wild. There was no way to escape without telling her name. I looked into her eyes and said,
“Okay. it’s you Gayatri.”

She gave the look of surprise. And a smile grew slower in a corner of her lips.
“What…! Are you kidding me?

“I’m serious. it’s you who grabbed my attention.
It’s you who made me study harder to get noticed by you.
I always wanted to beat you with marks so that you can be impressed.
I was so immature that even if the color of your dress matches with mine, I used to think that you and I made for each other.”

“Seriously?? When and how??” she said and shocked.

“I am a huge fan of your voice. Even a small sight of your eyes makes me shivered with shyness. I used to be in my own fancy world with you.
I wanted to write a poem of million lines to describe my love for your beauty but my home works and impositions did not let me do it.”

I smiled and she blushed.

She looked very tensed and took few minutes to react.
A moment of silence is killing my heart and I can hear the sound of my heart beats again.

“You almost made me breathless,” she whispered.
“You already did the same to me in those days,” I said.

“Gautham. I need to say something to you as you said all these.
It was true that your ranks made me impressed and give a tough competition to you. Though we had not talked to each other in school, I always tried to talk to you somehow. I joined scouts just because you are the main leader in that troop.
I sang all the songs for you in cultural events, but sadly you did not know that it was for you. I still remember the last word I talked to you, it was on your birthday, wishing you a happy birthday. That’s it.”

My heart and mind were stopped for a moment with those hidden secrets. I had no idea about what she told. I didn’t know that she could get some time to think about me too other than studies.
Our eyes met;
I could see the honesty in her words and eyes.
First, I thought she was making fun of me, but the tear sparks in her eyes made that feeling flew away from my mind.
I felt that I should not miss that moment to express my love. I didn’t even think about right and wrong. I could not resist myself to hold her hand and touching her cheek.
I never waited for this moment since last ten years, Maybe I did when we were in school.

To be continued shortly……… !!


The Accident


It was a calm evening when i returned from the office. Thinking of the weekend plans, i started my bike which was bought one month ago. I wore my helmet and moved the bike. There is a pride in riding the bike for which you have waited for long time.

                Isnapur, such a horrible industrial area where you can find dusty trucks, hasty autos and bikers who are free to take any side of the road with out any prior indication. I had been travelling in this route since one month.Though it had much affinity for the accidents, I kept myself aware and tried to go home safely. Most of the times I wondered what on this earth is so precious than life for the road users. Surprisingly, time has its own cruelty on the roads. Everyone wants to reach their destination with in time only. At the end of the day, it is not how sooner we reach home but how safer we ride our life to meet our beloved ones.

After crossing few speed breakers and dancing with the bike over the pits, i was going at normal speed which was hardly 40. I could see a person who was trying to cross the road from one side. He was unsure about himself so moving forth and back on the road. Thinking that he would not cross till i pass him,I raised my accelerator a little bit. Like a shock to my eyes, he started running and i applied breaks to take the bike under my control. Unfortunately, the most unexpected thing in my life happened in the blink of an eye.

                 I swallowed that moment with fear in my throat. I stood up and looked around, the first thing i concerned about is that person whom i hit. He was not there and i found around ten people surrounded me asking whether i was okay. But my eyes were looking for him. I found him walking away from a distance. He was fine and i felt relaxed.

That evening was getting darker and telling me indirectly that it was my darkest incident of my life. My mind was running wild with the fear though i acted like nothing serious.The crowd got disappeared and atleast they were quite helpful for few minutes. I called my friends and I knew that they would take atleast 30 minutes to reach there. I was exhausted and unable to move my left hand, otherwise i would have ridden my bike to the hospital. I was not focussing on the intensity of pain but shouting at the fate for doing this.

To Be Continued…..

Last Wish


“Please, do not leave me alone”, he cried.

“I don`t dare to die seeing you sad”, she wept.


“Make me live in your smile,

Make me live in your beauty,

Make me live in your dreams,

Make me live in your love.”, she said and passed away.


Her last wish was quite difficult for him to accomplish.

But still he tried to live with out his soul, just to prove his love for her. 🙂 ❤

చీకటి 2


చీకట్లో ఉన్నవారికి వెలుగులో ఉన్న వాళ్ళు బాగా కనిపిస్తారు,
కానీ వెలుగులో ఉన్నవాళ్ళకి చీకటిలో ఉన్న వాళ్ళు అస్సలు కనిపించరు.
చీకటి, వెలుగులు – ఓటమి, గెలుపులు లాంటివి..